Get Well with the Hay Diet

Jackie Habgood
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The companion book to The Hay Diet Made Easy.

Many people go through life feeling vaguely unwell, fatigued or with illnesses that seem to have no identifiable cause, and which conventional medicine cannot cure. Mystery illnesses such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Candida and food intolerances plague tens of thousands but can be cured by a simple change in diet.

The Hay Diet, or food combining, is one of the most popular diets in the world and as an essential part of a healthier lifestyle can help anyone to eat their way to good health and vitality. A simple change of diet can have a dramatic impact on your all-round health and switching to the Hay Diet can cleanse and heal your body. The aim of the Hay Diet, uniquely among popular diets, is not an exclusive aim of weight loss but seeks to achieve optimum good health (and weight loss is only a part of that).

The Hay Diet is often perceived as complicated, with its range of rules about which foods can be eaten together but Jackie Habgood outlines how we can easily incorporate the Hay Diet into our daily lives. This is a practical, accessible guide to using the Hay Diet to find natural health, allowing your body to heal itself and reaping the psychological benefits of feeling good.

Get Well with the Hay Diet outlines the rules of food combining, with meal suggestions; lists medical symptoms and their likely causes; guides you on adapting the diet to help your body recover from mystery illnesses and will help you to incorporate the Hay Diet with other complementary therapies to achieve the best possible health.

“Combining everyday foods so that they work on your metabolism with each other… It’s effective.”
‘Daily Mail’

“Actually more a way of eating than a diet… still having its praises sung.”
‘Sunday Times’

“How to use food combining for good health and vitality.”
‘Here’s Health’

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