How to Get Your Message Across

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How to Get Your Message Across: A Practical Guide to Power Communication

Take the time and trouble to master the secrets revealed in this book and you will quickly gain confidence and become adept at persuading others to adopt your ideas, accede to your requests and accept your point of view. Even if the idea of speaking in public puts the fear of death into you, you will find that you can be a power communicator in any situation – on a public platform, across a boardroom table or on the factory floor, talking on the telephone or using the written word.

Learn how to:

  • Address an audience confidently and without faltering
  • Speak off the cuff, with minimum preparation
  • Use the simple but powerful piece of body language which virtually guarantees that your audience will remember the key part of your message, even months later
  • Grab and hold your audience’s attention
  • Not merely conquer your nerves, but transform them into even more effective communication
  • Deal coolly and competently with hecklers
  • Be mentally prepared to handle awkward questions
  • Communicate with people of other races and cultures
  • Convey written messages persuasively and succinctly
  • Become a telephone tyro

… and much, much more!

The ability to get your message across clearly, confidently and persuasively is a skill that anyone can learn and that everyone needs in today’s competitive business world. Let How to Get Your Message Across be your guide.

Dr David Lewis makes more that 50 presentations a year to major corporations in Europe, America and Asia and delivers seminars to managers on creative change, communications, quality management, leadership and stress management. He is also the author of The Secret Language of Your Child, How to be a Gifted Parent, You Can Teach Your Child Intelligence, Mindskills and The Hidden Language of Your Handwriting (with James Greene).

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