Gestalt Therapy

Frederick Perls, Ralph Hefferline & Paul Goodman
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A seminal book that placed the study of human behaviour in a new perspective, demolished many schools of psychology and brought about a return to the dynamic view of human personality.

It invites the reader to go on a course of self-therapy designed to develop an awareness of the self and a growth of the personality. Employing the wide-ranging techniques of the Gestalt approach to heighten sensory perception and motoric behaviour and to deepen the capacity to enjoy interpersonal relationships, it is a practical insight into one of the most important psychotherapeutic techniques. Starting with the premise that experience begins at the contact boundary it examines the nature of that experience and the various obstacles that can stand in the way of growth.

Gestalt therapy is explained in detail, with its basis in the methods of psychotherapy from Freud to the present outlined. First published in 1951, Gestalt Therapy has remained constantly in print ever since and is regarded as one of the most important studies of self-awareness available.

Frederick Perls originated and developed Gestalt Therapy at Esalen Institute, California. Paul Goodman was a lay psychotherapist at the New York Institute for Gestalt Therapy.

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