Flatter Your Figure

Jan Larkey
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The unique, fun-to-use system that helps you make the most of your figure with the clothes you wear.

Have you ever seen a model or a mannequin with a shape like yours? If the answer is NO, then this book is for you. If your answer is YES, this book is for you, too. Because even the most fabulous figure may appear to have problems when it is clothed in unflattering styles.

Using just two sticks and a piece of string, discover your unique body proportions. The innovative style guide will help you to select a wardrobe that will dramatically accent your assets, and teach you how to combine clothes, shoes and accessories to dress taller, slimmer, and help you salvage shopping mistakes.

Plus… learn the secret of the amazingly revealing Blink Test. It will show you how you really look, and help you figure out if your assets are accented and your figure problems are camouflaged by your clothes.

Save time! Save money! Save anguish!

Flatter Your Figure is your simple, personalised guide to a lifetime of dressing successfully and always looking good.

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