Fitness Stretching

John Jerome
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The Pleasures of Staying Supple

Fitness Stretching is for any sportsperson, of any ability, or anyone interested in improving their fitness. All athletes and sportsmen know that stretching is one of the best ways of improving fitness, suppleness and overall performance, though they may not know why.

This entertaining and intelligent book has the answers. It gives a new understanding of how the musculoskeletal system prefers to work, and shows how to put that understanding to effective use. It explains:

– How the body works
– Why flexibility is so important
– How to organise an effective stretching programme
– The key stretching moves which allow for development and continued extension
– What happens to those who don’t stretch

Following the programme in this guide to maximum flexibility will make all athletes better and stronger. It will be an eye-opener for sportsmen and women of every level of ability and for people of all ages.

To put it plainly, flexibility is life, and the more suppleness the better you will function. You will move more easily, enjoy life more and remain youthfully active into old age.

John Jerome has been a runner and swimmer at competition level and now, in his fifties, enjoys these activities for their own sake. He is the author of twelve books on sports and the physiology of athletics.

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