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Nature’s Remedies: The Plant that Boosts Your Immune System

Echinacea is regarded as one of the most popular medicinal herbs in the western world. This group of plants is reported to contain substances that boost the immune system, but which species is most potent, and how should it be taken? These and other relevant questions are discussed in this user-friendly guide.

Written by a practising medical herbalist specialising in immune-stimulating plants, this informative book looks at the history and science of echinacea, with the aim of equipping the consumer to make the best choice for the most benefit. The plant can:

– Break the cycle of chronic bacterial infection
– Prevent the onset of bacterial infection
– Speed the healing of wounds, burns and insect bites
– Help in chronic conditions like arthritis and skin diseases.

Although echinacea has a role in alleviating many conditions, it may have an even greater use as a preventative and in helping people to stay well.

The book advises on dosages for specific complaints, explains what preparations to look for, and provides references and resources. For those seeking sound, practical information on the uses and benefits of echinacea, this is the ideal companion.

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