Drawing from Within

Nick Meglin and Diane Meglin
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Unleash your creativity and hidden talent with only a pencil.

How can we connect with our own imagination? How can you unleash the artist within? Armed with only his trusty pencil, Nick Meglin, a teacher at New York’s School of Visual Arts, opens up the joy of drawing as self-expression to everyone in Drawing from Within.

Using honesty and humour, Nick Meglin and his daughter, Diane, an experienced counsellor, show you how to stop being self-critical about your drawing.

Nick Meglin’s innovative guide will teach you how to:

– How to foster your own drawing style.

– Enjoy the spontaneity of sketching.

– Capture emotions, feelings and sensations in your art.

– Draw for the satisfaction and joy that it brings.

– Express your own creative potential.

“Entertaining and informative… supported with plenty of wonderful drawings… The book encourages the reader to discover the freedom and consequential success to be achieved by being yourself and drawing for your own pleasure… The philosophy expressed is equally applicable to paining.”
‘Leisure Painter’

“An unusually innovative guide to getting the most out of the simple pastime of putting pen to paper… Focuses on the satisfaction anyone can get from simple sketching.”
‘Big Issue in the North’

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