Down Beer Street

Mika Rissanen & Juha Tahvanainen Translated by Ruth Urbom

Product Description

From the Irish monks who spread brewing techniques, and Christianity, across Europe, how beer prompted Martin Luther’s Theses to its role as a sports drink in the Tour de France, Down Beer Street is the history of the world seen through a pint glass.
Discover the decisive role beer has had in the course of history, how it is central to many European cultures and customs, inspired art and, even, brought armies together in a ceasefire in the midst of world war. The history of beer stretches back as far as humans have engaged in agriculture, it has been a basic food as long as bread.


Includes potted histories of some of the world’s most famous beers, from Guinness to Carlsberg, Whitbread Bitter, Spitfire Kentish Ale, to Peroni Nastro Azzurro and, even, Ur-Bock Dunkel (once Martin Luther’s favourite beer).


A celebration of the quirky, and influential, Down Beer Street will appeal to anyone who has watched ‘QI’; in a series of short, entertaining chapters the authors provide a pint-sized history of the world.

Mika Rissanen teaches Latin & History, while Juha Tahvanainen teaches Ancient Greek at the University of Jyvaskyla.
They have previously co-written books on Ancient history and a series of young adult novels set in Rome that draw on ancient myths.
Ruth Urbom has also translated I Am Zlatan by Zlatan Ibrahimovic and David Lagercrantz.

“For beer enthusiasts the book is an exciting expedition to the stages of European beer history and the gradual development of the brewing industry. The book can be enjoyed both alone and in company and it tastes the best with a carefully selected beer.”
Tyttö ja tuoppi blog

“[Down Beer Street] is the most attractive non-fiction book of the summer. But you must be strong-willed when reading it because the bubbling stories tempt you to expand your knowledge.”
Matti Komulainen, Turun Sanomat


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