John Fisher
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From the best-selling author of Why Does My Dog…?

John Fisher was one of the UK’s most respected animal behaviourists. Dogwise will help you understand your dog’s behaviour, and to use this knowledge to train your dog the natural way.

Dog training is easy if you understand how your dog views his place in the human pack, if your attitude does not lead the dog to believe that he is the dominant member of the household, that you ensure he enjoys doing what you want him to do and that you use his natural instincts as a basis for training.

Using clear step-by-step instructions, illustrated with photographs, John Fisher outlines how to progressively train your dog without the need for physical punishment.

Aimed at those with adult dogs, rather than puppies, this is an invaluable book for dog owners wanting to better understand their new dogs.

“Enjoyable and easy-to-read… This book is of interest to anyone who owns a dog – regardless of breed, type or age!”
‘Dogs Today’

“The inspiration for many of today’s behavioural dog trainers.”
‘Your Dog’

“The author… was a highly respected dog trainer and behaviourist… and made deep and valuable research into the dog’s behaviour and how to cure behavioural faults.”
‘Dog Training Weekly’

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