Do Chocolate Lovers Have Sweeter Babies?

Jena Pincott
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Fun, entertaining and informative, Do Chocolate Lovers Have Sweeter Babies? is a different type of pregnancy book. Instead of looking at the how-to it looks at the why, the QI of maternity books.

Full of surprising facts that will intrigue expectant mums and dads, Jena Pincott writes about the quirky, under-the-radar side of pregnancy. Understand what is happening to a woman during pregnancy, physically and psychologically – the how and why of pregnancy science.

While pregnant, Jena Pincott found herself wondering how her baby’s gestation might tinker with her body – and how her body was shaping the future development of her unborn child. She started to ask questions her doctors couldn’t always answer, and uncovered unexpected answers in scientific journals.

Why do thinner women have more daughters?

What do foetuses actually learn when they eavesdrop?

How does Grandma’s diet affect her unborn grandchild?

Where does the maternal instinct come from?

Does stress sharpen your baby’s mind – or dull it?

What mind-control chemicals are in breast milk, sweat and tears?

Drawing on her scientific background, Jena Pincott writes about the hidden science of pregnancy. Here is a fascinating supplement to the typical maternity guide, delving into biology, neuroscience, evolutionary psychology and epigenetics. Do Chocolate Lovers Have Sweeter Babies? gives a deeper understanding of what is happening to both mother and baby during pregnancy.

Visit Jena Pincott’s website to learn more about the author, and to find out more about Do Chocolate Lovers Have Sweeter Babies?

“A great gift for expectant parents, and the perfect choice for the doctor’s waiting room… Way more fun than ‘What To Expect When You’re Expecting’.”
‘Library Journal’

“No chapter of human life attracts more curiosity and wonder than pregnancy… Jena Pincott uses the latest medical understanding to answer once and for all some of the biggest mysteries and misconceptions of this extraordinary time.”
‘Daily Mail’

“Surprising secrets of your bump. Jena Pincott explains the astonishing effects your feelings, cravings and even the seasons have on your unborn child.”
‘Daily Express’

“Secrets of your bump. What really happens inside a pregnant woman’s body?”
‘Irish Daily Star’

“A fun take on the traditional pregnancy book… with lots of unusual information… A great read… It really gives you an understanding about what’s happening to you, both physically and psychologically.”
‘Pregnancy & Birth’

“A quirky mixture of the author’s personal experience, chat, miscellaneous quotations and ‘science’… Homespun wisdom and research evidence come together.”

“Pregnancy is a weird and wonderful time for your body… Jena Pincott reveals some of the quirkiest secrets of this fascinating experience.”
‘Prima Baby’

“The truth behind pregnancy myths… Why does labour always start in the early hours? And can the shape of your bump tell if you’re having a boy or girl? … Do Chocolate Lovers Have Sweeter Babies? looks at these and other old wives’ tales about pregnancy and childbirth and tries to see if there is any truth behind the urban legends.”

“Can a pregnant woman’s breasts reveal her baby’s sex?”

“Clearly written in a lucid and highly engaging way, Jena Pincott has masterfully turned extremely complex scientific research into an easily understandable and always enjoyable book… Truly remarkable.”
‘The Garden Window blog’

“A fast-paced thriller of a book, which takes you through the whole nine yards of pregnancy.”
‘Angels & Urchins’

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