Daily Life in Ancient Egypt

Ana Ruiz
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“The tourist and amateur will be charmed, as indeed will anyone with an enthusiastic interest in the everyday life of one of mankind’s greatest civilisations.”
‘The Good Book Guide’

Ana Ruiz’s fascination with ancient Egypt began 25 years ago, and her delight is clear as she reconstructs and interprets for us life along the Nile. She looks at the ancient Egyptians’ family life, their homes and furnishings, food and drink for everyday and for festivals, and through the dynasties, their varied and exotic clothes, make-up and beautiful jewellery. She shows how from the time they settled, some 9,000 years ago, along the banks of the Nile, the great river was the life-giving source of their work, their prosperous trade in exotic spices and artifacts, and their means of transport.

  • They adored cats
  • Their national drink was beer
  • Their ‘Book of the Dead’ contains 200 magic spells
  • They invented the horoscope more than 6,000 years ago
  • They made divorce easy, but would cut off an unfaithful wife’s nose
  • Their goddess of birth was a hippopotamus
  • Their god of fertility was a crocodile
  • The largest pyramid took 20 years and 20,000 men to build. It used 2.3 million blocks of limestone and granite, each weighing between 2 and 15 tons.

She explores their laws and government, their military feats and their recreation, bringing the ancient Egyptians to life in all their detail. She gives us absorbing descriptions of their many gods, their beliefs about death and immortality, magic and divination, the importance of dreams and symbolism, and their stunning achievements in architecture, astronomy, language, the arts and engineering.

Using archeological finds to decipher Egypt’s past, Ana Ruiz gives us a richly textured and intriguing picture of how daily life was for the people of ancient Egypt.

Ana Ruiz is a member of the Staffordshire Egyptology Society and of the Society for the Study of Egyptian Antiquities in Canada.

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