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This UFO classic and the basis for the cult film starring Christopher Walken, Communion is one of the most thought-provoking books of the twentieth-century and is now available to UK readers for the first time in decades.

On December 26th 1985 Whitley Strieber was woken in his isolated cabin in upstate New York, he saw a creature in his bedroom. His next memory is sitting in the woods around the cabin, to understand what had happened he underwent regressive hypnosis.
Hypnosis revealed that he had been abducted by a UFO and that he had been subjected to medical testing by aliens. Strieber came to realise that he had been abducted by these alien life forms for most of his life. Whitley Strieber’s record of his experiences with visitors from ‘elsewhere’ will fascinate and terrify, whether the reader believes or not this story will alter how they experience the world.

What are the aliens communicating, are they here to guide mankind, has the greatest mystery of our time been solved?

Whitley Strieber was a successful horror writer before publishing Communion in 1987, and it became a major international bestseller. Strieber is the host of the online radio show ‘Dreamland’, which covers paranormal phenomena, as does his website.


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