Code Name Caesar

Jerome Preisler and Kenneth Sewell
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As World War II was nearing its end Hitler desperately tried to land a decisive blow against the Allies. He ordered U-Boat U-864 to transport blueprints, parts and scientists to Japan, providing the Japanese with Germany’s most advanced rocket and aircraft technology. It was a decision that could have lengthened the war. With this technology the Japanese would divert more Allied troops to the war in the Pacific and give Germany time to regroup.

British codebreakers based at Bletchley Park discovered Hitler’s plan and, working with the Norwegian resistance movement, the RAF sent its ‘Dambuster’ squadron on bombing raids against German naval installations in an attempt to destroy the U-Boat and its deadly cargo. This is the thrilling true story of how a British submarine, along with MI-6, the Norwegian resistance and the RAF’s 617 Dambusters Squadron, helped to bring World War II to an end.

It is the only recorded instance of a submarine being sunk by another submarine while both were submerged and many of the men abroad HMS Venturer would be awarded for their courage by King George VI. Jerome Preisler and Kenneth Sewell recreate one of the least-known, but most crucial, victories of World War II. Drawing on military and naval archives, interviews with those involved and archive photographs Code Name Caesar brings the tense, action-packed underwater battle alive with all the suspense of a thriller.

“For the history buff who’s read it all, here’s a new book about the little known.”
‘New York Post’

“Reads like a tense thriller, but the authors also keep a steady course on the human aspect of their tale as they reconstruct the events … and its aftermath.”
‘Publishers Weekly’

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