City of Night

John Rechy
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An innovative description of the urban underworld of male prostitution. John Rechy portrays a nameless narrator as he travels through several US cities, meeting a collection of unforgettable characters, from drag queens and criminals to the bedridden Professor and Lance O’Hara, once Hollywood’s biggest star.

Rechy describes this world with brutal candour and understanding, but without sentimentality or self-pity, in a prose that is highly personal, vivid and boldly descriptive.

John Rechy comes from a family of Mexican artistocrats and grew up in the USA. During his early 20’s, he drifted around the US, working as a hustler and these experiences are the basis for City of Night. He currently teaches at the University of Southern California.

“A breathless, amphetamine-fuelled dash across America… Rechy’s descriptive energy is instead reserved for city life’s twilight world and a colourful parade of characters… his descriptive energy surpasses any queer literature label.”
‘New Statesman’

“John Rechy’s groundbreaking novel `City of Night’ lifted the lid on gay life in `60’s America… it broke new ground with its depiction of the gay sexual subculture in America’s cities… The author is ripe for rediscovery… uncensored for the first time.”
‘Time Out’

“City of Night put a light up to the murky gay underworld of 60s America… The author was praised for his Benzedrine-fuelled prose and his pitch-perfect ear for period slang… A modern classic.”

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