Christmas Again Already

Gray Jolliffe
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The First Jewish Christmas Book for Over 2000 Years!

“From this master of wit… his bestselling re-telling of the Christmas Story, as it happened the Jewish way… A must for everyone with a sense of humour.”
‘The Jewish Vegetarian’

It’s Christmas. They’re miles from home. She’s pregnant, God knows how. And he forgot to book a room…

Did you know the very first Christmas was a Jewish affair? Do you want to know what really happened? The details? The scandals? The sandals, even? Who said what to whom, and what whom said back? The tears, the joy, the pain, the GUILT?

You don’t??

That’s OK – because this book offers few insights.

Gray Jolliffe is a cartoonist and book illustrator. His most famous character is the notorious wicked Willie, and his comic strip ‘Chloe’ in the Daily Mail is enjoyed by millions in the UK, and is syndicated in many other papers throughout the world.

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