Chocolate Therapy

Murray Langham
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The Secrets of Your Personality Revealed by the Chocolates You Choose

Did you know that chocolate holds the key to your personality? The shape you prefer, your choice of centre, whether you like milk, white or dark chocolate, what you do with the wrapper – all these reveal details about yourself.

Do you always go for round chocolate? You are the original social butterfly. Do you pick the dark ones? You are very forward-looking but like material possessions. Is strawberry your favourite centre? You are loving, optimistic, a born romantic. And if you just scrunch up the paper and throw it away, you could be missing out in your sex life.

This innovative guide could be the most entertaining way yet of finding out about yourself and your family and friends. Just hand round the chocolates and consult this book – you’ll be in for a few surprises!

Murray Langham, therapist, counsellor and facilitator, celebrates chocolate in terms that will intrigue you and entertain those with whom you share its revelations.

Unwrap the secrets of your inner self!

“Fun, entertaining… I would certainly recommend it to all chocoholics out there as a fun gift or dinner party entertainer.”
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