China Flyer

Porter Hill
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The final book in the Adam Horne trilogy of seafaring adventure in the tradition of Hornblower and Ramage. Concluding the story which started in The Bombay Marines and continued in The War Chest.

“Adam Horne and the world he moves in… are protrayed in a vivid and compelling detail which compines apainless history and geography lesson with a fast-moving adventure yarn… comveyed with drama and force in a plot that keeps the reader wondering, what next?”
‘Lloyd’s List’

The Adam Horne trilogy concludes with Captain Horne following a trail into the perilous waters of the China Seas in pursuit of George Fanshawe, who has disappeared under mysterious circumstances with gold from the East India Company’s coffers and valuable charts detailing the trading routes for the burgeoning trade with China. Horne is given the order: find Fanshaw, and soon!

With his diminished band of loyal ex-convicts, Horne sails eastward in search of the elusive merchant through seas infested with pirates and the hostile Chinese. Rich in excitement and period atmosphere, China Flyer vibrantly recreates the drama of life at sea in the eighteenth century.

Packed with suspense, this cunningly plotted story will hold its readers enthralled from the first sentence to its unexpected ending.

“Porter Hill has found an unusual and fascinating background for his novel… it is a good adventure story, with a highly satisfying ending.”
‘The Nautical Magazine’

“Plenty of atmosphere and excitement for adventure yarn lovers.”
‘The Seafarer’

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