Cardus on Cricket

Neville Cardus
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Sir Neville Cardus was a literary writer whose subject happened to be cricket, and Cardus on Cricket is a representative selection of the best of Cardus’s writing on one of the world’s favourite sports.

Included are the imaginative reconstruction of the 1882 England and Australia test match to Cardus’s descriptions of village cricket, accounts of the great players that Cardus watched play (from Donald Bradman and Harold Larwood to Wally Hammond) to examples of his ‘Shastbury’ writings.

Chosen and introduced by Sir Rupert Hart-Davis, Cardus on Cricket features a range of writings from ‘Cricket’, ‘Days in the Sun’, ‘The Summer Game’, ‘Good Days’, ‘Australian Summer’ and ‘The Manchester Guardian’.

“For any person, irrelevant whether he knows a thing about cricket or not, this book will remain a treasure. A must buy for any cricket fanatic and a must read for any lover of fine writing.”
The Wicket Post

“I would certainly suppose that his works are read by a wider range of differing tastes than any other cricket writer before or since and by many for the scholarship as much as for the subject matter.”
Ian Peebles, The Guardian

“A must for the library of anyone who appreciates either cricket, or the English language.”
The Financial Times

Sir Neville Cardus became cricket correspondent of the the ‘Manchester Guardian’ quite by chance, when the editor at that time saw that the game would be the perfect vehicle for his talents while he recuperated after a nervous breakdown. He was to create a cricket intelligentsia, lifting the writing on this sport to a height never equalled before or since.

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