Cardus in the Covers

Sir Neville Cardus
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Cardus on Cricket, the companion volume to Cardus in the Covers, drew from the writings of the years 1920-1939. This collection includes items from that period, but also moves on to celebrate the ‘new heroes’ of the 1950s – Hutton, Compton and Edrich, Laker and Benaud, and even the man of the Sixties, Gary Sobers – before culminating in the Coronation Test series of 1953, the last test matches to be fully reported by this greatest of all cricket writers.

Cardus in the Covers traces the development of his style from the flowery, romantic prose of his early years to the tighter texture of his mature years when keen observation was enlivened by humour and irony.

A treasury of writing for cricket lovers, and for all who delight in exquisite prose.

“Not just for cricket maniacs – anyone who appreciates lyricism and literacy will find this book a continuing pleasure.”
The Observer

“There can be no one else who would dare to reach such stylistic extremes… But this is a world in which the turf can behave spitefully, a seam can be used subtly and a man’s cricket can be born under a bar sinister.”
The Tablet

Sir Neville Cardus is remembered and cherished as one of the finest cricket writers of all time, a man whose masterly turns of phrase could convey the poetry of a good day’s cricket in the sun, the drama of a close-fought innings, the excitement of the duel between bowler and batsman.

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