Black Holes: The End of the Universe?

John Taylor
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The classic book on one of the great mysteries of the universe, revised and expanded to include the latest theories and discoveries.

What are black holes? How can they exist when they violate some of the most sacrosanct laws of the natural world? What do they mean for the future of the universe and mankind? What do we really know about them?

In this fascinating account of a phenomenon that defies logic and forces us to rethink the meaning of life, a distinguished physicist and mathematician looks at how black holes occur, what they do and how they change our understanding of the universe. Drawing on the latest research John Taylor explains:

– What we know and understand about black holes today
– How we have had to revise our understanding of the forces of nature
– What black holes mean for the future of our own solar system
– What scientists are learning about the nature of black hole interiors
– How far black holes are a threat to humanity.

Above all, he takes us on a highly readable, enthralling voyage through space and time, asking us to contemplate the ultimate paradox: that in the beginning there was no beginning and in the future there will be no future.

“More mind-boggling than the most daring speculations of science-fiction, this sober, straightforward book makes fascinating reading.”
‘Cambridge Evening News’

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