Birth Reborn

Michel Odent
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What childbirth should be.

For over 40 years Michel Odent has been the world’s ‘birth guru’, he has changed the way childbirth is conducted (initiating such natural birth techniques as birthing pools, labour without drugs and ensuring that the mother decides how she will give birth). He created the most famous maternity clinic in the world, Pithiviers Hospital in France, and has imbued a new attitude of genuine care to the way obstetricians and midwives approach childbirth.

In Birth Reborn Michel Odent outlines the choices available to the mother who wants to give birth naturally, in her own way and with full control over her own body, drawing on his decades of experience as an obstetrician who dealt with 1,000 births a year. It is central to his philosophy that birth is instinctive, and that an environment that promotes intimacy and creativity is essential in the experience of birth, and that the role of the midwife must be key to the mother’s experience.

Michel Odent has returned birth to how it should be. Birth Reborn gives expectant mothers the confidence and information they need in order to trust themselves to give birth without the drugs and medical procedures that are being increasingly recognised as harmful to the mother and to the baby’s future development.

“Combining the roles of romantic, philosopher, surgeon and obstetrician as only a Frenchman could…many of (Michel Odent’s) theories have changed the way childbirth is viewed and conducted.”
‘The Times’

“This is the man who has made childbirth a delightful, natural experience for so many women.”
‘Nursery World’

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