Beyond Stuttering

Dave McGuire

Product Description

The McGuire Programme was founded in 1994 by Dave McGuire and is now an international organisation run by people who stutter to help other people who stutter.

Its combination of physical techniques and mental strategies that deal with the fear of stuttering, as well as developing an assertive approach to the problem, has helped thousands of people to control their stutter and to get good at the sport of speaking. The McGuire method helps a stutterer to gain control of their life and to begin to enjoy, rather than dread, speaking.

At last, here is a method that can bring real help to those affected by a problem that can destroy careers and relationships. Now in a revised and updated edition (previously published as Beyond Stammering), here is the first step towards gaining control of life.

“Living with a stutter is hard. You feel contained and restricted. You can t be the person YOU want to be. Beyond Stuttering offers you a way out… it can be life changing.”
‘Gareth Gates’

“Practical… a useful part of a toolkit to manage stammering.”
‘British Stammering Association’

“Gareth Gates endured hell thanks to stuttering… the McGuire treatment programme… helped him to conquer his own stutter.”
‘The Sun’

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