Beyond Stammering

Dave McGuire
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Thousands of people suffer from stammering. It can lead to bullying in childhood, underperformance at school and in adulthood it can hinder a career, impede social relationships and cause a lack of confidence. At last, there is a book that can bring real help to those who are affected by a problem that can destroy careers and relationships.

The McGuire Programme started in 1994 and is now a world-wide organisation run by people who stammer to help other people who stammer. Dave McGuire founded the programme after feeling that his own life had been ruined by his severe stammer. It is a combination of physical techniques and mental strategies that deal with the fear of stammering as well as how to develop an assertive attitude towards the problem. The McGuire method is the first step for sufferers to gain control of their life and to start enjoying, rather than dreading, speaking. It can help you to reclaim your life and be the person that you want to be.

Dave McGuire grew up in California and now runs the McGuire Programme as a non-profit making international organisation. He regularly appears on television and radio programmes around the world, as well as speaking regularly at conferences. Visit the McGuire Programme website to see how the programme can help you, and to help you find courses near you.

“The ideas are practical… this book would be a useful part of a toolkit to manage stammering.”
‘Speaking Out’, the magazine of the British Stammering Association.

“Thousands of people suffer from stammering… But, as pop singer Gareth Gates has proved, stammering can be successfully overcome. Now you too can use the same programme as Gareth – known as the McGuire method… David McGuire compares speaking to sport and advises stammerers to see themselves more as athletes trying to get good at a sport, rather than victims needing a treatment.”
‘Daily Post’

“While stammering cannot be entirely cured, it can be much improved by simple exercises. The McGuire Programme grew out of the author’s own experience as a stammerer.”
‘Irish Examiner’

News! Boy from Bushey overcomes debilitating stammer after attending McGuire Programme: click here.

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