Before Alpha

Beve Hornsby
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The exciting learning programme that gives pre-school children a head start.

At no time in their lives do children learn more rapidly and intensively than during their first five years. The progress they make then, and the help they are given, will influence their development throughout the rest of their school years.

Before Alpha, written by one of the pioneers in the field of dyslexia, presents an enjoyable, carefully structured programme of games, activities, songs and stories originally devised to help children with specific learning difficulties to acquire language skills, but which has proved to be enormously beneficial to all pre-school children. First published in 1989, it has now been revised in the light of new discoveries and research.

Using familiar rhymes like ‘Baa, Baa, Black Sheep’ and stories like ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’, the programme encourages children to listen, respond, contribute and diversify, so that they learn not only what words mean, but how they relate to each other and how they are used in communication. Language development is a whole learning process that involves comprehension, listening and memory, movement and manual dexterity and social skills and relationships. Above all it should be fun.

Parents, nursery school teachers and playgroup leaders who use the wealth of games and activities in the book, progressing at the child’s own pace, will find that children effortlessly acquire speech and language and go on naturally to reading and writing. They will also be far better equipped than their peers to profit from the education they receive at school.

Professor Beve Hornsby was one of the great pioneers of the Dyslexia movement. She was formerly Head of the Dyslexia Clinic at St Bartholemew’s Hospital and Principal of the Hornsby International Dyslexia Centre in London. She was the author of the highly acclaimed book Alpha and Omega.

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