The Ballad of Bob Dylan

Daniel Mark Epstein
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In the first major biography of Dylan since his own Chronicles Daniel Mark Epstein draws on in-depth interviews with musicians and artists from Ramblin’ Jack Elliott, Woody Guthrie’s daughter and archivist, Nora, and celebrated film-maker Donn Pennebaker to the musicians of the Never Ending Tour. The Ballad of Bob Dylan is a vivid portrait, nuanced and insightful, of the greatest songwriter of the twentieth-century. Bob Dylan’s now legendary songs, from Blowin’ in the Wind, Like A Rollin’ Stone and Lay Lady Lay, have become classics, rooted, as they are, in the American musical tradition.Through first-hand accounts, reportage and a wealth of interviews with those who have known him for decades The Ballad of Bob Dylan is the most detailed picture yet of Dylan’s prolific work. The author quotes extensively from Dylan’s songs – a treat rarely granted, his fresh analysis of the lyrics is the foundation of this book.Beginning with Dylan’s early concerts, to touring with the Grateful Dead where Dylan revived his career (under the influence of Jerry Garcia) to the recording of Time Out of Mind in 1997 and his 2009 tour, The Ballad of Bob Dylan is a perceptive and lyrical account of an artist who continues to inspire and connect with millions.Daniel Mark Epstein is a poet and biographer, who has previously written critically acclaimed biographies of Nat King Cole, Abraham Lincoln and Walt Whitman. He is a folk and blues guitarist who performed at coffee houses during the folk revival of the 1960’s and he continues to perform, and write music, today.

“As you ride through Dylan’s decades of changes, lovers and bands, a satisfyingly clear portrait emerges from the shadows, ever sharpening the focus on the most cleverly elusive artist.”
Book of the Year, ‘Jewish Chronicle’

“An engrossing, episodic overview that benefits from Epstein’s forty-plus-year commitment to enjoying the great man’s uneven live performances.”

“What sets Epstein’s book apart is its accessibility… Refreshingly direct and approachable… it is his own clear, emotional enthusiasm that carries the tale.”
Sunday Times

“Epstein offers a portrait that explodes the semi-hostile cliché of much unauthorised biography. New interviews and photographs add depth to an account distinguished by a fine sensitivity to all aspects of Dylan’s art, from the personal to the music’s history, but Epstein also manages to put across a significant amount of biographical detail.”
Daily Telegraph

“The Ballad of Bob Dylan echoes Chronicles in centring on a series of distinct times and places in Dylan’s life rather than attempting a fluid narrative.”
Financial Times

“Most interesting is Daniel Mark Epstein’s ‘The Ballad of Bob Dylan’… It’s very lyrical, in that it’s quite poetically written but also uses the lyrics as the sort of basis for talking about Bob Dylan. If you feel that you have an insatiable thirst for Bob Dylan biographies, you will be well served this month, probably best served by this one.”
Alex Heminsley, ‘Nemone’ 6Music

There is also a great review of The Ballad of Bob Dylan in the Sunday Times, if you would like to download a copy of this please click here.

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