Bad Dog, No Biscuit

Anthony Smith
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Does your dog do as he’s told, or does he have ideas of his own?

Anthony Smith’s Bad Dog, No Biscuit is the ultimate gift book for dog lovers, who will all recognise the trials and tribulations of dog training.

You are the owner of a willfully disobedient dog.

Can you ensure that order and sanity prevails, or will the anarchic hound get the upper paw?

Follow their madcap antics as you train your dog to sit, beg or stay with the ultimate punishment…

Bad dog, no biscuit.

Bad Dog page 19



“An ideal stocking filler, or just a thoughtful gift, for any dog owner or lover of cartoons.”
Simon Chadwick, Cartoonists’ Club of Great Britain

Anthony Smith has worked for Marvel and numerous other comic publishers. His series Learn to Speak Cat has been published in Metro daily.

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