Baby Love

Rebecca Walker
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Rebecca Walker had a glamorous life, she was hailed as one of America’s most important young writers, was a bestselling author and Time magazine had described her as one of the most influential American leaders under 40. Then she decided to have a baby and had to confront her own ambivalence about motherhood.

“How does a woman preserve her sense of self after becoming a mother?”

As a child of the feminist movement Rebecca had been brought up to believe that no career or lifestyle was unattainable for a woman but she was also brought up to believe that motherhood disempowered women. In Baby Love Rebecca questions the doubts and anxieties of many women of her generation, what is the role of a mother in contemporary society? Should all women be mothers? When is the right time to have a child? Is motherhood another way to promote feminism?

After nine tumultuous months and the birth of her son, she discovers that it is the most meaningful experience of her life. She is a changed, and better, person who has discovered new certainties as a woman and as a feminist.

As a member of the generation who believe in “having it all”, a career and a baby, Rebecca feared that having a baby could mean losing oneself in caring for another. From the challenge of creating her own family when she was a child of divorce to the arduous process of conceiving Rebecca Walker’s story is engaging and provocative, and is the story of tens of thousands of women.

Rebecca Walker is the daughter of Alice Walker (the author of The Colour Purple), and is the bestselling author of Black, White and Jewish: Autobiography of a Shifting Self. She lives in Hawaii.

“An exhaustively detailed pregnancy diary… an investigation into why thirtysomething women are afraid of reproducing.”

“A diary of her pregnancy in which she explores modern women’s dilemmas about relationships and motherhood.”
‘Sunday Times’

“Describes what it was like to grow up as the daughter of a cultural icon, and why she feels so blessed to be the sort of woman 64-year-old Alice despises – a mother.”
‘Daily Mail’

“Charts the move from ambivalence to becoming (a) proud mother… Written diary-style, it covers the uncharted waters of first-time pregnancy – the hunger, the expanding thighs, the surges of love, the sweats… For such a slim, cheerily written volume, it’s had a seismic effect.”
‘Irish Times’

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