All the King’s Cooks

Peter Brears
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The massive kitchens at Hampton Court were built to supply the entire household of King Henry VIII. They were the first professional kitchens organised on such an industrial scale, encompassing larders, bakehouses, wine cellars and butteries, and employed hundreds of staff. Each day vast quantities of meat, fish and fowl were cooked, while the wonder of the age was the delicate sugar modelling that Tudor cooks specialised in. Peter Brears provides a practical guide to how these kitchens were run, dispelling many of the misconceptions about the table manners, quality of cooking and serving of meals in Tudor England.

Including authentic recipes from the period, adapted for modern kitchens, such as Chicken Farced and Smothered Rabbit and White Leach (a form of cool jelly), All the King’s Cooks is fully illustrated with colour photographs recreating the life of the kitchens. With the author’s own detailed drawings, no other book gets so close to the sights, sounds and smells of the Tudor kitchen.

Peter Brears is a food historian and historic house consultant who specialises in recreating how people lived and cooked. He worked on the restoration of Hampton Court Palace kitchens, and has organised an annual Christmas feast there.

“Will bring a Tudor kitchen to life.”
‘Sunday Telegraph’

“Peppered with easy-to-recreate recipes… which can’t help but stoke the fires of the imagination.”
‘The Observer’

“Some genuinely olde English food… Peter Brears is an expert on authentic cooking methods.”
‘Daily Express’

“No one is better placed to write about Hampton Court’s kitchens than the much-respected food historian and historic house restorer Peter Brears… he also provides dozens of recipes for some of the tenderly cooked, richly flavoured treats”

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