Alexander Hamilton’s Guide to Life by Jeff Wilser

Jeff Wilser

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Two centuries after his death, Alexander Hamilton is headline news again.

He is one of the most compelling of America’s Founding Fathers, an orphan who came to America with little but ambition. He went on to become a General in the Revolutionary War, created the US’s financial system and is immortalised on the $10 bill.

Hamilton’s life is fascinating, and it can serve as an example to us all. For anyone interested in success, romance, money, honour or duelling Hamilton has worthwhile advice.

Combining biography and history with humour, this is advice that has survived for over three hundred years:

  • Seduce with your strengths
  • Go to war for your promotion
  • Being right trumps being popular
  • Learn from your enemies

Alexander Hamilton is the subject of one of Broadway’s most popular musical ‘Hamilton’, which is opening in London’s Victoria Palace theatre on December 7th. ‘Hamilton’ has received rave reviews all over the world:
“It’s brilliant”, Barack Obama

A more accessible, entertaining biography of Hamilton than Ron Chernow’s ‘Alexander Hamilton’ , which also asks: how can Hamilton influence contemporary life?

Jeff Wilser is the author of ‘The Man Cave Book’ and has written for magazines from ‘GQ’ and ‘Men’s Fitness’ to ‘Glamour’, as well as for the Huffington Post.

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