Age Ain’t Nothing But a Number

Carleen Brice
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Today’s women enter midlife celebrating their newfound freedom from the pressures and expectations that are placed on younger women. From their 30s to 60s, women are experiencing life with an excitement, energy and spirit that is inspiring. Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number explores this idea with depth and insight.

America’s finest female writers, including the inspirational Maya Angelou, the spiritual celebration of Alice Walker and the sassy Terry McMillan, evoke a renewed sense of self and sensuality women are finding as they age. Exploring the transition into middle age, the emotional and psychological changes, the career changes and personal growth, the stories, poems and essays collected here contain wisdom, laughter, reflection and love.

Covering every aspect of women’s lives – family, friendship, love, sex, beauty, health, spirituality, work and many others – Age Ain’t Nothing But a Number: Black Women Explore Mid-Life is a road map affirming womanhood and embracing the richness of who women are and the beauty of what they are becoming.

Spirited, candid, moving, funny and immensely readable, this selection has the intimacy of sitting with old friends and sharing stories.

Carleen Brice is the author of Walk Tall and Lead Me Home.

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