After You

Maryalicia Post
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“It’s hard to believe, when it happens to you – when the one you love is taken away – that anyone had ever survived such pain, had so many bitter questions to hurl at the sky, was so alone with despair. Nothing seems as personal as grief.”

“The first lines of my book, After You, were written the night my husband died. I felt that something immense was happening to me, that just as death was transforming him from present to past, I was being transformed too. A Journey Through Bereavement. I would never again be the person I had been only the day before.” – Maryalicia Post

After 30 years of marriage Maryalicia’s husband died and she set out on the hardest journey of her life: the emotional journey through bereavement.

She began to record her feelings in a series of poetic images, confronting the despair, confusion and gratitude that washed over her during the initial months after the death of her husband.

Dealing with the reality of getting through loss, Maryalicia promises that joy will return and that love does live on.

Maryalicia has chronicled the first 12 months of her journey and how her book took shape on Aftering, providing an insight into what gave her comfort, and how she coped with her husband’s death.

Maryalicia Post was born in New York and lives in Dublin. She married in 1962; her husband Jack died in 1992. Since then she has worked as a travel writer. Her work has appeared in various Irish newspapers, including the ‘Sunday Tribune’, the ‘Irish Examiner’ and the ‘Irish Independent’.

You can visit Maryalica’s travel website here.

After You is illustrated by Ben Ecclestone, who studied at Canterbury regional College of Art. He also illustrated Souvenir Press’s edition of What is Dying? by Charles Brent.

After You is one of the texts ‘on losing a partner’ suggested by Cruse, the UK bereavement support group.

“The triumph of `After You’ is that, in the end, it speaks not of despair, but of joy.”
‘Daily Mail’ 

“A poignant poem charting the triumph of hope over despair.”
‘Irish Examiner’ 

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