A Sensory Curriculum for Very Special People

Flo Longhorn
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This uniquely valuable book arose from the author’s work with profoundly handicapped children in a special needs school. The sensory impairment of the children meant that they were unable to learn from traditional teaching methods as they were unaware of the world around them.

Our very first awareness of our surroundings and ourselves come through our senses of smell, touch, taste, sight, hearing and movement, and without them we are isolated. To benefit from the normal school curriculum, children with sensory impairment must learn to develop each of their senses, individually and in combination – a process the non-handicapped child goes through spontaneously and unconsciously.

This book outlines a curriculum for each of the senses in turn, using stimuli that can be varied to suit the age of the child or young person. Demonstrating how these can be combined to create a multisensory experience and how this newly developed awareness can be integrated into the rest of the school curriculum.

A Sensory Curriculum for Very Special People is designed for teachers and parents of children with profound multiple handicaps combined with sensory and physical impairment. This has become a classic work in its field.

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