A Plague Upon Humanity

Daniel Barenblatt
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The Secret Genocide of Axis Japan’s Germ Warfare Operation

From 1932 to 1945, in a race to develop germ warfare capability for the Imperial Japanese military thousands of Japanese doctors, nurses and scientists willingly took part in what was known at the time as “the secret of secrets”: horrifying experiments on innocent Chinese men, women and children, as well as experiments on American prisoners of war.

An elete group known as Unit 731, led by Dr Shiro Ishii (Japan’s answer to Joseph Mengele), infected thousands of prisoners with virulent strains of typhoid, plague, cholera and other epidemic diseases. Germ warfare campaigns were launched against China, cities and towns were hit with biological bombs.

Yet after the war, General Douglas MacArthur struck a deal with these doctors, shielding them from accountability for their crimes.

Provocative, compelling and alarming, A Plague Upon Humanity exposes one of the most shameful chapters in human history – the story of Japan’s deadly biological warfare programme, and how it was hidden from the history of World War Two.

“In his scholarly but gut-wrenching book, Barenblatt establishes that, between 1932 and 1945, at least 580,000 Chinese were killed by germ warfare… Readers of this book will need a strong stomach.”
‘Sunday Express’

“The function of Daniel Barenblatt’s detailed and angry book is to indict Axis Japan of a genocide almost as hideous as the European Holocaust… It reminds us, as we cannot be too often reminded, that unimaginable evil is committed by ordinary men and women.”
‘The Scotsman’

“Anyone familiar with recent events will understand the pragmatic point of view that bio-weapons are only bad when the other guy has them. Barenblatt’s book makes that point even more forcefully… Shocking, gripping stuff – hard to read, and even harder to put down.”

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