A Meditator’s Diary

Jane Hamilton-Merritt

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It is rare for a foreign woman to be accepted for instruction in intensive meditation in a Buddhist temple in Thailand. Jane Hamilton-Merritt writes about this experience from the inside, describing the extraordinary journey into the self and the expansion of her consciousness. In an intimate account of her struggles, her fears and her experiences – some euphoric, some terrifying, some beautiful in the form of psychedelic visions and some that were genuinely threatening.

A Meditator’s Diary is a book about meditation like no other. Jane Hamilton-Merritt describes her journey to achieve ‘compassion without attachment’ and to find a sense of the living flow with the universe that changed her life. This is a book that may change many people’s lives.

A Meditator’s Diary is an intellectually disciplined attempt to understand what Buddhist meditation techniques have to offer us, those in the Western world caught up in a cycle of destruction that we cannot control, and how to access its secrets.

Jane Hamilton-Merritt worked as a war correspondent in Vietnam, Laos and Thailand (and was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize in 1969 for her work in covering the Vietnam War). She was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 1998 and 2000 for her work on behalf of the Hmong tribal people of Laos.

“A fine and sensitive piece of writing.”
Buddhist Quarterly

“Warmly written, full of emotions and experiences and very compelling reading.”
Yoga Today

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