A Chocolate a Day

John and Suzy Ashton
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A chocolate a day keeps the doctor away.

At last, health news that we want to hear! The University of California recommends chocolate to those prone to heart attacks or strokes. King’s College, London has discovered that a bar of chocolate contains more of the anti-oxidants in our blood that fight diseases than six apples. The British Nutrition Foundation agrees that chocolate can play a part in a healthy diet.

If we are meant to eat five portions of fruit and vegetables per day how much chocolate do we need to eat daily to reap its health benefits? A Chocolate A Day can tell you, and which are the healthiest types of chocolate? It also tells you that. Chocolate won’t even make you fat, give you spots or rot your teeth.

Taking a light-hearted look at its health properties, A Chocolate A Day explains why chocolate should no longer be considered a ‘forbidden food’. Written by two respected food researchers, this book gives you accurate information about chocolate, from how to identify which types are good for you, to how to stop before you have had too much. The great news is that we could now consider chocolate to be a health food!

“A must for any chocoholic… with enough positive information to weaken even the most serious dieter.”

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