50 Strange Stories of the Supernatural

John Canning
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Open these pages and you will find true accounts of the supernatural, weird happenings and menacing messages from the Other World.

Drawing on sources from the Middle Ages to the present day, and subjects from folk myths and hauntings to supernatural powers actually witnessed under controlled conditions this collection is a fascinating study of the occult and the supernatural.

Fact or fiction? You will find the story of the Haunted U-boat that had to be exorcized, the tale of the Admiral who appeared at a party in his home at the moment he drowned in the Mediterranean and the Colonel who played billiards with a ghost. Discover how an Egyptian fakir was buried alive when stabbed through the throat and how a wounded British soldier in Burma was guided to safety by mysterious footprints that appeared in a swamp.

Even in our modern world science cannot explain everything, there are such powers as telepathy, clairvoyance and psychokinesis. Are these powers a means of contact with a reality beyond conventional understanding? Covering voodoo, psychic healing, curses, clairvoyance and dreams this feast of the supernatural provides startling evidence that there is more to life than the rational.

Parapsychology and the occult are being more widely studied, as well as a source of perpetual fascination for readers. John Caning has selected some of the strangest stories of psychic phenomena for those who want to know more.

John Canning was one of Britain’s greatest anthologists. He also compiled ‘100 Great Modern Lives’.

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