Julia Cameron Workshop (5th May)

Julia Cameron, best-selling author of The Artist’s Way and Vein of Gold, is running a two-day intensive workshop at Alternatives, London.

The Artist’s Way has sold more than four million copies worldwide, and her follow-up bestsellers Finding Water, The Vein of Gold, Walking in this World and The Right to Write are likewise flagship books which are taught in universities, churches, human potential centres and even in tiny clusters deep in the jungles of Panama.

Credited with founding a new human potential movement that has enabled millions to realize their creative dreams, Cameron eschews the title creativity expert, preferring instead to describe herself simply as an artist. “Artists have always mentored, I just do it on a wider scale.”

“My books are not creative theory,” she explains. “They spring straight out of my own creative practice. In a sense, I am the floor sample of my own tool kit. When we are unblocked we can have remarkable and diverse adventures.”

The workshop is at Cecil Sharpe House, 2 Regent’s Park Road, London, NW1 7AY and begins at 10:30AM and finishes at 5pm. This course promises to jump-start your creative process, refresh your own thinking around creativity, and introduce you to a supportive creative community. Bring a pen and paper. Apply for tickets here: https://alternatives.org.uk/event/artists-way

Find The Artist’s Way Workbook here: http://souvenirpress.co.uk/product/the-artists-way-workbook-julia-cameron/

and Vein of Gold here: http://souvenirpress.co.uk/product/the-vein-of-gold/

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