About Us

"Nothing in the world makes people so afraid as the influence of an independent mind"

Albert Einstein

Souvenir Press started in the bedroom of my parents’ flat and here we are in 2015 still as independent as when we first saw the light of day.

Our lists have always been a hugely eclectic mixture of bestsellers and books intended for more limited audiences. We continue to believe that the aim of an independent publisher is to publish books on minority interest subjects whose time may not yet have come but challenge received wisdom. Click here to read more from Souvenir Press’ founder and managing director, Ernest Hecht.

Our list includes a wide range of pregnancy and childcare books, acclaimed mathematics education titles, history, politics, and philosophy books, humour and inspirational titles. Souvenir Press is influential in the field of feminist publishing, has published five Nobel Prize winners (including two winners of the Nobel Prize for Literature), and over 60 titles in the pioneering Human Horizons series, which provided accessible help for the disabled and did much to improve services in hospitals and the community.

Our Independent Voices series is dedicated to publishing writers who challenge conventional wisdom by providing an alternative viewpoint, and includes titles on Black History, books that focus on the LGBT community (including a ground-breaking history of HIV/AIDS by Randy Shilts), and two books by Alan Watts, among others.

In our six decades of independent publishing we have been proud have produced some surprise bestsellers, with at least 20 titles making it to the Number 1 spot both in the UK and in the USA. Unbelievably, one of our earliest bestsellers, The Password is Courage (1953), is still available today. At present we have around 500 titles in print, and with a list as diverse as ours, you’re practically guaranteed to find something of interest.